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Address: VIA CISANELLO 121/C, 56124 PISA, ITALY

Phone: + (39) 050 540300

Hotline: +(39) 337 714527



The Center of Physical Physiotherapy and Body Rehabilitation in Pisa, Italy, was established in 1989, and offers a thorough and long-range solution to a wide range of problems:

upper and lower back, herniated disk, joints, knee problems, osteoporosis, reduced physical functioning, treatment of traumatic incidents victims such as military service injuries and trauma caused by sports activities, car accidents, post-surgical rehabilitation in general as well as after cardiac, bypass, pulmonary and thoracic surgeries, CVA and after prolonged illness, degenerative diseases, arthritis, asthma, scoliosis and heel spur.

It also offers unique treatments for musicians.listen to my surprise.

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