About the Rehabilitation Center

Our Center offers you the means of getting rid of your pain, all with the aid of Professor Kufert’s unique method. Unlike traditional methods, concentrating upon specific problems and the treating of symptoms (pain and mobility difficulties), this method handles thebody as a whole and therefore, spots the underlying source of the problem and enables the body to cope with physical damage caused by accidents, sporting activities, injuries, chronic disease, heart surgery, etc. and rehabilitate  it.

Prof. Dr. Joram Kufert MD.

Prof.Joram Kufert MD.

A highly experienced rehabilitative medicine specialist who has been active for many years in the field of orthopedic surgery.

Prof. Joram Kufert, an Israeli native, is the director and owner of the Center for Physical Physiotherapy and Body Rehabilitation in Pisa, Italy.

Prof Joram Kufert specialized in orthopedic surgery rehabilitation and emergency surgery of the skeletal and movement system. In addition, he studied Chinese medicine at the Tai Chin University extension in Bologna.

Prof. Joram Kufert was head of the Department of Rehabilitation at a hospital in Cascina and now serves as a Rehabilitative Medicine professor and lecturer at the School of Medicine, Physiotherapy and Sports at the Brescia University near Milan, as well in the University of Pisa.

Among his activities in the domain of rehabilitative medicine, Prof. Joram Kufert served as the University of Pisa’s representative at the Tel Aviv University and participated in a study on autoimmune diseases in cooperation with prof. Haya Moroz (of Beilinson Hospital in Petach Tikva, Israel).

Prof. Joram Kufert also acted as a member in a team of specialists who conducted a study on the subject of fibrin adhesion of soft tissues after injuries and lacerations of the nerves, at the Department of Orthopedics at the University of Pisa.

His main pursuit was the development of a method of treatment that conceives the body as a single unit and combines a wide range of advanced and unique equipment. He implements his method at the rehabilitation center he founded.


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The treatment period and body reaction time are individual and vary according to each and every patient’s the reaction to the treatment.
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