The Principles of Prof. Joram Kufert’s method

about The Principles of Prof. Joram Kufert’s method

The rehabilitative process is based on the concept of the body as a single entity – a conception whereby all systems in the body are interdependent and operate in coordination. Unlike traditional treatments, whereby attention focuses on the injured organ, Prof. Kufert’s treatment focuses simultaneously on each of the body’s vital systems:

  • Skeleton
  • Muscles
  • Locomotion Apparatus
  • Joints & Articulations
  • The Circulatory System
  • The Respiratory System
  • The Lymphatic System
  • The Nervous System
  • The Tendons System
  • The Postural Apparatus

The treatment contends to enhance the totality of functions through stimulation of the Whole Body Systems and Apparatus & immune system, boosting the body’s own natural healing capability and restoring vital functions lost over the years due to illness, injury, etc.

As a result, not only has there been an improvement in the original problem the treatment was handling, but a marked improvement throughout the vital systems of the entire body was also achieved.
The treatment is based on physical rehabilitation – with no use of medication or invasive intervention – and focuses on strengthening the soft tissues.
This method of treatment enables the body to bypass and terminate the erosion of the damaged organ or limb by strengthening and transferring the load to the surrounding muscular system, and thus preventing pain.

What kind of patologies does the Center Treat?

about The Principles of Prof. Joram Kufert’s methodThe Physical Physiotherapy and Body Rehabilitation Center in Pisa, Tuscany, Italy, offers a thorough and long-term solution to a variety of problems:

  • Joints &  Small and Big Articulations degenerations. 
  • Hip & Knee Problems
  • Shoulders Patologies
  • Temporomandibular Joint And Malocclusion Sindromes
  • Osteoporosis
  • Reduced Physical Functioning 
  • Treatment Of Thraumatic Incidents:  Victims Such As Military Service, Injuries And Trauma Caused By Sports Activities, Car Accidents. 
  • Post-Surgical Rehabilitation In General As Well As After Cardiac, Bypass, Pulmonary And Thoracic Surgeries 
  • Cva And After Prolonged Illness 
  • Degenerative Diseases 
  • Reumatoide Arthritis  and degenerative Arthritis
  • Asthma 
  • Scoliosis 
  • Heel Spur
  • Problems Regarding Delay Of Healing Process ( Diabetes Ect)
  • Unique Treatments For Musicians ( Insertional Tendon Patologies).

About The Principles of Prof. Joram Kufert’s method

The Stations of the Rehabilitative Process

  • Conducting an introductory meeting and initial examination OUTSIDE ITALY necessary to obtain a general evaluation of the patient’s condition, test his suitability for treatment and provide estimation based on the treatment required.
  • Upon the patient’s arrival at Pisa, a professional assessment is performed. This will include an instrumental and clinical assessment and the preparation of the rehabilitation protocol.
  • Periodic status assessments are performed during this process.
  • Upon completing the rehabilitation process, an assessment of the situation is performed.
  • A primary principle of the rehabilitation process is the full cooperation on the part of the patient.
  • After the patient returns home, his body continues the recovery process. During the first period after returning home, the patient will be under close supervision of Prof. Kufert who will also perform periodical checkups in Israel.

 The treatment period and body reaction time are individual and vary according to each and every patient’s the reaction to the treatment.

Prof. Joram Kufert

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The treatment aspires to enhance the totality of functions through the stimulation of the immune system and boosting the body's own natural healing capability
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