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know “UniSalute”?

Our Center for Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation in Pisa has joined UniSalute as one of the first health insurance in Italy for the number of clients managed so we take care of each day of our customers’ health protection. The strength lies in the great experience and very high degree of specialization in the field healthcare:
In the following periods the Prof.Kufert performs medical examinations in the country of origin. May      -2017 by day 12 – 17 March   -2017 by day 10 – 21 January -2017 by day 13 – 16 For appointments, call at 050 5331751 or at +39 329 6880 010
prepara il tuo viaggio

Preparing for your trip

Your destination airport  will be Pisa Galileo Galilei Airport (PSA). If your flight arrives to PISA GALILEO GALILEI AIRPORT  we will be happy to wait for you,  and  bring you to your accomodation place (Appartment or surrounding hotels). at the end of your treatment we shall bring you back to Pisa Galileo Galilei Airport. The

Therapeutic approach

Therapeutic approach Professor Yoram Kufert is a specialist in rehabilitation medicine, with decades of experience in the field of rehabilitation, and Director of the Center for physical medicine and rehabilitation in Pisa Italy. Prof. Yoram Kufert handles a wide range of problems including back pain, bruising, physical disk hacks arthritis, joints, decreased body function, osteoporosis.
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