Low power laser

The word laser is derived from the English term “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation .Is ‘ in substance a source of light that propagates with electromagnetic waves and which has the special characteristics : monochromaticity , coherence , directionality , brightness . The active substance may be solid , liquid or gaseous .

There are many types of lasers :

laser crystal solids: ruby , Nd.YAG
gas lasers : Argon, Nitrogen, Krypton, HeNe , CO2
Laser liquids
chemical lasers
semiconductor lasers : diodici GaAs IR

The laser source can emit a continuous or pulsed : in the first case constantly emits the same power, in the second generates very short pulses but higher power ( semiconductor laser ) .

The CO2 laser – IR is capable of producing a considerable output power , due to the high efficiency of approximately 30% , compared to less than 0.1% of most of the helium-neon laser . The use of the new infrared diodes , with high emission power , allow you to transmit a deep energy density is particularly high in a short time . The effects of the laser are varied : anti-inflammatory , analgesic , regenerative connective tissue , bio-stimulating microcirculation and blood vessels .

When making a light session must comply with mandatory rules : wear protective glasses by the patient and the therapist , the treatment area should be cleaned with alcohol , the laser beam must be perpendicular to the seat to be treated, the absence of surface reflecting on the premises where it is employed.

Directions : tendonitis, muscle spasms , ulcers and sores , arthritis , traumatic sequelae

Contraindications: pregnancy , epilepsy , cancer

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