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What do our Customers saying about us?
  • As a farmer and a flower cultivator, I spend most of my time standing on my feet. I suffered terribly. I have gone to doctors and orthopedists and they all sent me away saying that knee replacement surgery is performed only at the age of 70. I reached a point where I could not bear it any longer. I could stand on my feet and most of the day I was just sitting in the chair. Finally, I flew to Pisa, received treatment and returned healthy and happy. It has been already three years since I received treatment, and today, more than ever, I make sure I take walks almost every day. As a farmer, I must walk between the beds and plots, and now, I can do it with no trouble whatsoever. I am really satisfied!
    Pini Amir // Agricoltore
    Pini Amir // Agricoltore
  • Nadav suffered from herniated cervical and lumbar disks, and arrived for treatment after undergoing surgery that did not solve his problem. "I have an 11 year old son who plays competitive tennis. I practice with him and throw him balls. Before undergoing the treatment, it was completely impossible. Today I can drive! Before the treatment, I was not able to drive for a year and a half! Today I drive a car with a manual transmission and not an automatic one. I do lots of things that I could not do before."
    Nadav Grinshpan // Marketing Representative
    Nadav Greenspan // Marketing Representative
  • I arrived at Prof. Kufert clinic after three doctors told me, unequivocally, that I need to undergo knee replacement surgery on my left knee after an accident I had years before during my military service. After that injury, I suffered severe pain all over the upper and lower part of my back, my right leg was injured, I had heel spurs and my neck would ‘fall asleep’. In brief, I had many serious problems. I could not drive my manual transmission car but only automatic transmission cars, since I was not able to press down on the clutch peddle. Therefore, I asked Joram to order for me a car with automatic transmission, but he said, "You won’t need it. After a week you will be able to use a manual transmission as if nothing ever happened”. I thought to myself, "Yeah, sure". And so it was. After only one week of treatment, I was able to use a manual transmission car, climb 500 steps in the Florence Tower, whereas before I could not even climb up a few steps to my mom's apartment to visit her. I received intensive treatments for six weeks. After I returned home from treatment I was strong as an ox – For six months I worked on a big machine, did not feel any pain and at the end of the day I went home smiling – I did not experience this for a very long time, because my whole body was in pain. Today, I walk almost 8 km every day (!) and do not give up. That is Joram!
     Shmuel Pitachia //  Tecnico Tipografico
    Shmuel Pitachia // Printing Press Technician
  • After going through many treatments I still did not feel any relief, and figuratively speaking, I was no longer walking on my feet, but rather on my "teeth" – crawling on my hands I first arrived for my first examination with Joram. I underwent two cycles of treatment. At one point, it was after all necessary to undergo hip surgery. My surgeon, head of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at the Hadassah Ein Karem and Mount Scopus Medical Center, one of the major experts in the field – examined all my x-rays and said, “I can see what you have gone through. It was the right decision to undergo the treatment, because you are coming for surgery on both feet, with rehabilitated muscles, with no inflammation and the terrible side effects that you used to suffer from. Joram put me on the right road and I cognized – I will never be disabled, since disability is all in your mind. And as long as I am breathing, I will keep on moving. I am very grateful to Joram for the fact that he did not sell me any illusions.”
    Name withheld by request
    Name withheld by request
  • My case was very severe. My knee had reached the point where it was bigger than Miss Universe's waist. I had to ask my kids to help me get out of the bathroom. My sons helped me shower and dry myself. I lived without seeing anybody. I worked hard using a cane. I reached the point where I felt like I was living in order to eat and get through another day. That is how I got to Joram. I believed in him from the first moment, and everything he told and suggested to me – I did and I tried. I had a positive attitude. When I returned to Israel, I went back to my profession. I am a chef and I spend many hours a day on my feet. It is hard work. I do not need any help any more. The greatest thing that happened to me – I live on the eighth floor, and when the elevator broke down, I suddenly found myself climbing eight floors with no effort. The things I can do keep surprising me, such things that used to be completely impossible. Every morning I wake up and say, “Thank you, Joram! Thank you, thank you and thank you! Because I feel as if I came back to life.
    Anna Steinberg // Chef Pasticcere.
    Anna Steinberg // Pastry Chef
  • I suffered from a severe arthritis. I barely managed to drag my feet and my hands did not function. My condition has completely deteriorated. I could not tie my shoelaces or take off my shirt. I tried everything – conventional medicine, medications, physiotherapy, acupuncture, yoga – everything. I tried it all. Today, after undergoing treatment by Joram, I walk at least 4 km every day. I do so with a friend who also was a patient of Prof. Kufert and like me was unable to walk more than 50 meters.
    Ari Bukshester
    Uri Bukshester
  • I am a mother of four. I began dragging one foot, apparently because of an incorrect movement I did with that foot. For six months, I tried everything in order to find a cure. One morning, I could not stand it anymore. As an active woman, I suddenly could not reach the sink, brush my teeth or wash my face. I had to be helped by others. I was hospitalized and found myself in a wheelchair. They told me that the solution was surgery. My husband brought Prof. Joram Kufert to the hospital at 2:00 in the morning. He examined me and then I flew to Pisa. For three months, I underwent treatments. I took my computer with me and worked from there. I got there full of very powerful drugs, even morphine. Joram decided no drugs. For the first four weeks, I suffered terrible pain. During those weeks, I lived at a special hotel for the disabled. After four weeks of treatment, I moved to a different hotel and my husband came to visit me. When he arrived, I walked up the stairs, put on high heels and drove a car. My husband was astonished! Today, I walk at least an hour a day, and I do not need any medication..
    Pnina Nadivi // Direttirice generale attivista
    Pnina Nadivi // CFO and women's rights activist
The result is not only an improvement in the localized problem for which you came for treatment, but also a marked improvement throughout the vital systems of the entire body
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