The Clinic

pisaThe clinic is located in Pisa – a university city in Tuscany Italy, in a quiet and respectable area – a 10-minute walk from the Arno River and a 15-minute drive to the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa and Old City.

For those arriving by car – the clinic has its own parking lot, or alternatively, they may use a nearby parking lot.

The Rehabilitation Center is well equipped with modern and advanced equipment. The devices are safe and well known in modern medicine, but their implementation is revolutionary and unconventional. It is very intensive and prolonged treatment that combines various treatments that complement one another along with a medical massage and manipulative actions all performed by a specialist physician.

The daily treatment takes approximately seven hours, five days a week, while Saturdays and Sundays are reserved for resting so to let the body rest and combine enjoyment with the treatment.

The clinic staff reserves the right to make changes in the schedule, as it will be required and decided by Prof. Kufert

The clinic has central air-conditioning to maintain a comfortable temperature and humidity level.

Each patient has his or her own personal, private, aesthetic and comfortable treatment station including TV with dozens of stations from all around the world and an Israeli channel. You may listen to music from our music library with approx. 3,000 CDs. The music is played throughout the daily treatment.

In addition, the clinic has a collection of Hebrew, English and French books.

Throughout your treatment, you will receive full support, an open ear, guidance and support even on subjects unrelated to the treatment, such as places to shop, places to dine, where to travel, etc. – all without compromising on the professional treatment.

All efforts are made so your stay throughout the treatment is pleasant. We encourage your cooperation on your journey to renewal and quick recovery.

Your trip to the Pisa clinic is a change of atmosphere and detachment from the everyday world travails. Beyond the mere treatment, the treatment will allow you, most of the time, to focus on yourself, and thus provide proper care for your body and a piece of mind.

פוסט זה זמין גם ב: אנגלית, איטלקית, Albanian

The rehabilitative process is based on conceiving the body as a single entity
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