It consists in the therapeutic treatment by insertion of needles into certain parts of the body. The name is attributed to the Jesuits of the French Scientific Mission in Beijing in the seventeenth century.

The mechanism of action using particular areas scattered in different areas of the skin to operate at a distance , on the various organs and their functions.

For the oriental medicine all physiological phenomena and pathophysiological ( disease ) are the result of energy in all its modulations . Western medicine has acknowledged the existence of a current of energy within the human body since 1900 .

It is an electric current with pulses of 50 millivolts per millisecond with the speed of 100 meters per second ( 360 km / hour) . It ‘ the same speed with which a sensation reaches the brain and with which the brain sends impulses to the periphery. Physical Medicine Rehabilitation you take advantage of the analgesic , anti-inflammatory and relaxant that infisione of needles on specific ” points of motor stimulation or stimulation ” determines , not only for the direct mechanical effect but also a chemical effect due to release of endorphins ( pain-relieving substances produced by the body ) .

Acupuncture can be associated electrostimulation ( electro-acupuncture ) by the application of electric currents at low frequency to the needles fixtures .

Indications: osteoarthritis of the cervical , dorsal and lumbar , cervical brachialgia , lumbo- sciatica, headaches , neuralgia , epicondylitis , medial epicondylitis , tendonitis .

Contraindications: hypotension.

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Acupuncture treats the human body as a whole that involves several "functional systems" that would in many cases be associated approximately to the physical organs.
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