elektroterapi analgjezik

By the term ” electrotherapy ” it is customary to indicate the use for therapeutic purposes of electricity in all its forms. In particular : the DC current and variable currents . The first is the so-called galvanic current that can ‘ take advantage of the properties’ of certain drugs which are routed through the same current in the area to be treated ( iontophoresis ) . The second group includes both current eccitomotorie , those with analgesic effect (current Diadynamic and TENS) and those with thermal effect. ELECTRO ELECTRO HEADSET WITH A MICROCURRENT The Alpha Stim is a stimulator of precision analgesic used for the treatment of acute and chronic pains affecting the musculo -skeletal system. Consists of a non-invasive method that does not require the use of drugs . The Alpha Stim allows the application of two therapeutic methods related to different types of current : Microcurrent electrotherapy (MET) : a term used to describe a low level of current used to relieve the pain. Are used for this purpose adhesive electrodes or probes specific for a more localized treatment . Auricoloelettroterapia by applying electrodes to ear clips: MET uses in synergy with the analgesic action at the level of nerve endings placed on the earlobe. Electrotherapy Indications: diseases , muscle and nerve pain , meaning the latter neuritis, radiculitis the ( sciatica, cruralgia etc . ) . Contraindications: patients with pacemakers, pregnancy , peri -cardiac stimulation and any allergic reaction to the detected current .

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